Tasteful Typography Project

Finished Project

Project in Word

Process: At first I wasn’t sure what I exactly what I wanted to say or who I wanted to say it to. As I searched online I found a quote that mentioned the words to the song “America the Beatiful”. I decided at that point that this would be a chance for me to say thank you to the men and women who have served. I then went looking for a picture that expressed the words of the song. I found that picture at http://www.dodlive.mil/files/2013/03/130308-N-MG658-150c.jpg. I then inserted the image into a word document. I then added a text box for the quote. As I studied the picture and the quote I came up with the title and added a text box for just the title. I choose the color of font that would show up on my design. I then saved my design as a pdf and used an online converter to change it to a JPG.

Critique Report: Through my critiques with, Sister Peterson, Beth Kirby, and Brent Fisher I learned that I needed to group my title and body copy closer together, change the color of my font to match the red of the flag, lastly it was suggested that I align the words of the body copy with the title. I decided to take all the suggestions that were offered to me.

Source Photo: http://www.dodlive.mil/files/2013/03/130308-N-MG658-150c.jpg

Title Font Name/Category: Haettenschweiler, Sans Serif
Body Copy Font Name/Category: Book  Antiqua, Slab Serif