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Web Page
Web Page


Wire Frame
Wire Frame



Audience and Process: The first thing I did pick my subject and I chose my family. The next was of course my sketch which you are able to see above. Then I worked on my wire map in Photoshop. I used the grid that was provided by Sister Peterson to help make sure everything aligned. I decided that I wanted to have pictures above each of my navigation menu items and I looked for a quote that explained the why of our family. It really did all start when my husband and I fell in love. What a wonderful ride we have had and are continuing to have.

Critiques: My web page was critiqued by, Kristen Dunnells, Beth Kirby, and Sister Peterson. Kristen and Beth felt I needed to add another black line. I did not do this because I decided to eliminate the black. Sister Peterson felt I needed to add the quote up at the top with the picture of the sheep. I did move the quote. Originally it had been a jpg that I had sited in my sources but after Sister Peterson critique I typed the quote in myself. I Critiqued on our class Facebook page the following, Shanalee Manwaring, Charity Jacob, Israel Márquez

Font: Myanmar Family and Edwardian Script
Color Scheme: Big Split Complementary – Blue, Red, Orange, and Yellow
BYU-I Logo:


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