Social Media Marketing Project

My Facebook Promotion of my website/blog

Company: Me, Myself, and I
Objective: To promote my new family website and blog
Strategy: Create a family website and blog that discusses my family’s activities, our fun and adventures in scouting, and school. Post a link to it on my Facebook Profile and invite my friends and family to follow it.

Process: I chose the website because for years my husband and I have owned a family domain,, which we have used for email address for all of our children. I thought it might be nice to do something else with it. Also according to my friends and family I seem to know quite a bit about scouting and have been told that people would benefit from me sharing some of that knowledge. Who knows it might be fun.

My audience is going to be friends, family, and fellow “scouters”. The first thing that I wanted to do was to tie the name into my family in order to do this I went in search of a cartoon image of sheep. All of my friends and family know that lostsheep has been a nickname for me for years. Once I had an image that I liked I wanted to make sure that I used it consistently throughout the site. On the about me page, I added a picture of my unique family. With a paragraph that explains why we are unique. I also created a home page and a contact page. I also had to figure out the navigation menus and widgets. I wanted to make sure I credited the pictures of the sheep also to the correct websites.

I met with Sister Petersen, Leah Goodwin, and Emma Merril, they liked what they saw of the website and the sheep images. It was mentioned that I needed to make sure to include my Facebook promotion. I did not change anything because everyone seemed to like it and I did my Facebook promotion.


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