Movie Poster – Starring Me

Movie Poster – Starring Me!!!

Message / Audience: I imagine if I were an attorney I would be much like Elle in the movie that gave me the inspiration for my assignment this week “Legally Blonde”. Just yesterday one of my fellow employees asked me what color my roots were. I would diffidently be “Legally Lost”. My audience is the general public as I have not had the Motion Picture Association rate my movie yet.

Process: When I started I wanted to throw my computer. Photoshop was really kicking me in the behind. I tried a total of 4 times to come up with the correct poster. The first step was to find the image of the original poster. I thought it would be easier than starting from scratch. The name I came up with at the time was Legally Red. I also had to take a picture of me that would work. Finally, I found a picture of blue sky that I could clone as I was not able to edit the sky effectively. I first erased the main character and then cloned the background the best I could. Then I placed my photo in. Next I cloned the sky and added the lettering.

Critique: I received a critique from my daughter-in-law, Alora, my niece Megan (both of them have taken a similar class before), and from my husband. Alora felt that I needed to do some editing on myself as I was sharper and brighter than everything else. With this advice I added noise to me and also used the blur feature. Megan expressed my need for a shadow. I googled how to create a shadow and followed the instructions. Megan said, “I like the poster, and think the ‘lost’ is clever!” I am known as a directionally challenged person in my family. Which becomes funnier when you think of my being a Scout Leader that goes hiking and backpacking with teenagers. She also loved the bright fun colors. My husband ever supportive told me I did a great job, and laughed at the title. When I pointed out my flaws he said only I could see them. To be honest I forgot to get onto our class Facebook page and critique anyone there, I am so sorry and I will remember to do that next week.

Sources: Background:
Blue Sky:

Font: Title: SF Movie Poster Bold – with a Stroke around it
Sub Title: Myanmar Text Bold – with a Stroke around it
Info at Bottom of Poster: SF Movie Poster Condensed


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