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Process: For this assignment I was asked to create a flyer for a fundraising event. I have the opportunity to volunteer as a Crew Advisor for a Venturing Crew sponsored by the Riverdale Lions Club. Every year they hold an All You Can Eat Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser and they invite the entire community. Each year it benefits a different group. I thought that by designing a flyer for them I would be helping a group that I already love and volunteer with.

In working within the parameters of the assignment I needed to include the Lions Club logo and a color scheme. I based my split complimentary color scheme on their logo (blue and gold). I then went searching for a picture of spaghetti that fit into the color scheme (brick).

Critique Process: Jacob Hayes, Melton Jefferson, and Sister Peterson all were able critique my flyer. Jacob thought that I should align the text elements more. Melton felt that my font was a little small on the event information. Sister Peterson like the typography. Jacob and Sister Peterson both liked my color scheme. Jacob felt that I was using too many hues and Sister Peterson felt that the background was competing with actual information.

The first item that I fixed was the background Sister Peterson suggested making it more transparent and when I did that I felt that it also fixed the problem that Jacob was having with the different hues in the color scheme. As once the background was a background I felt my eyes were more easily able to focus on the information being provided. I also felt that is addressed the problem Melton had with not being able to read the information on date, time and location. I also adjusted the placement of the picture a bit to remove the trapped white space that Sister Peterson pointed out.

Color Scheme: Split Complimentary (Blue, Gold, Brick)

Fonts: Title – Modern No. 20 (Slab Serif) Body Copy – Calibri (Sans Serif)

Links to Images: https://www.pexels.com/search/spaghetti/