9A Photographic Study Project

9ALizMillerFor this project I had to take 12 pictures edit them and place them into a collage. The pictures had to be of the same subject with different perspectives.

For my subject I chose my daughter’s pointe shoes. This year for the first time during her recital her dad and I were able to see her actually on pointe. It was amazing.

We had so much fun together as we figured out different shots. I have to say that I love my finished product.

I was critiqued by my husband and also my good friend Jayden. My husband just said that he loved it. He was very impressed with how it turned out. Jayden did not like the positioning of the words, “beauty, strength, and dedication”. I tried several different variations and am pleased with how they turned out.

I have included in this post the other pictures that I did not end up using. If I do say so myself my daughter is AMAZING!!!

Turning on Pointe
Jumping in Pointe Shoes
Balancing on Pointe
Pointe Shoes in Mirror
Pointe Shoes in corner
Pointe Shoes Third Position

3 thoughts on “9A Photographic Study Project

  1. This are all such amazing photos!! Your daughter seems really talented. I think my favorite picture is the one in your collage where the laces spell out “love.” How cute is that?! I like that you did a different variety of shots indoors and outdoors. I think you would really love this blog post about gardening: https://findingjoyinmyjourneyblog.wordpress.com/2016/06/15/photographic-study/comment-page-1/#comment-24
    Check out my website too! laurenmichelleforson.wordpress.com


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