LFC Photography Activity

8CLizMiller - Outside

8CLizMiller - Inside
8CLizMiller - Foreground Focus
Foreground Focus
Background Focus
8CLizMiller - Thirds
8CLizMiller - Lead

I loved this assignment, even though I did not enjoy the stress. I learned more about my camera this week than I ever have before. I enjoyed the ease of using Lightroom and  it makes me want to keep up the Adobe Subscription that I have.

For the “Outside” shot, I took a picture of my home/sky. It was actually a day when the sky did not appear very blue. I focused on the one blue spot and then realigned the shot. I love how the sky turned out.

On the “Inside” shot, I took a picture of one of the Snoopy music boxes in my collection. I wanted to use one that had lots of color and I just used a blanket for the backdrop. I took the picture in front of my living room picture window.

For the next two photos I used a figurine my dad gave me when I was about 5 years old and my neighbor’s bush. This one took me longer to figure out. I have to say I am proud of myself for not giving up.

The “Thirds” picturwe was a bit harder as I was trying to find a shot around my neighborhood that would work. I tried lots of things but they just weren’t right. I finally thought of my neighbor’s amazing garden.

Last was the “Lead” picture. I took a photo of my daughter at our church house. I think she is beautiful.


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